Joggle® trains your brain.
Think faster. Learn better. Be sharper.

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Jog your mind.

Play Joggle® on your iPhone or iPad.

Joggle on the iPad shows the three categories of learning power: speed, memory, and focus.

Joggle is a workout app for your mind. Joggle makes it easy to understand your overall performance by tracking your speed, memory, and focus. Your status adapts over time, and helps you discover your learning power.

Do more than brain fitness.

Transform more than your brain. Discover new skills and abilities, and strengthen ones you already have. Many video games provide cognitive benefits, but Joggle is specifically designed to get your whole mind in shape so you can be your best.

Take charge of your future.

Joggle® is helping everyone.

“I played every level and it helped me increase my focus.”

Nina C., student

“I’ve been using Joggle since day one. It’s addicting. In a good way.”

Susie L., pharmacist

“Joggle is now part of my daily routine.”

Tracy M., teacher

“I can feel the improvement.”

Kathryn E., financial analyst

Empower your mind. Use it at full capacity.

Know your potential. Reach your maximum.

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