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Joggle® is the result of transforming scientifically validated cognitive measurement tools into fun and effective games. The Joggle® game is from Joggle Research, a company which has a legacy of producing high precision cognitive tests for high profile research. We collaborate with experts from top research universities and leading institutions to measure cognition. We also work with participants ranging from astronauts, to students and employees at large companies.

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Our goal is to stretch the limits of cognition by making game-changing apps. We want everyone to benefit from measurable advantages and breakthroughs in neuroscience. We are transforming ways for you to perform at your fittest, giving you the cognitive keys to a thriving future.

Joggle is all about making lives better, one mind at a time. Whether you're an educator, gamer, parent, valedictorian, or a struggling learner, Joggle is helpful at any performance level.

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